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We launch our snorkel excursions from Marina Puerto Del Rey and go to either to the Cayos offshore Fajardo, or to reefs offshore Culebra Island. Both locations are ideal for snorkelers with friends and family that are divers. The reefs in Fajardo and Culebra are multi-level so we are able to put people at different depths depending on their skill sets. Snorkelers most often will find themselves in 15 to 20 feet of water. Snorkel equipment includes: mask, snorkel, fins, flotation vest, and a wetsuit (if you want one). All our tours are guided.


  • Morning Excursion check in time is 8:00 AM for snorkelers and returns to the pier about 1:30 PM
  • Afternoon Excursion check in time is 1:00 PM for snorkelers and returns to the pier about 6:00 PM
    • Days of Operation: 7 Days a week
    • What to bring: towel, bathing suit, sunscreen (aerosol not allowed), dry change of clothes (recommended) and a waterproof camera.
    • Ages: Family members welcome
    • Price for snorkeling offshore Fajardo is $65 per person (+$3.00 cash fee to pay for DRNA (Marine Reserve)
    • Tour includes snacks and refreshments and (complementary Rum drinks Afternoon only)
    • Guided Snorkeling excursion. Top quality snorkel gear and floating devices.

Fajardo has beginning to intermediate dive sites, mostly consisting of shallower dives from 15 – 80 feet. The sites are coral reefs around small coral atoll islands: Spurs and grooves, sand channels and a few shallow “walls/ledges”. Visibility while not ever truly predictable generally ranges from 20 – 75 ft.

Our most common reef locations for snorkeling offshore Fajardo includes:

Sandslide which is a series of sand channels where it is common to see: Coral, coral, everywhere! Immerse yourself in corals ranging from soft coral to brain coral, and from clusters of thumb coral to elk horn coral, as you surround yourself with sea
life including, stingrays, spotted eagle rays, barracudas, groupers, lobsters, conches, large hermit crabs, moray eels, cowfish, boxfish, small tuna, jacks, octopus, blowfish, and more.

Cayo Diablo which is a small ledge featuring which wraps the island in rings of hard and soft corals. Mild and medium currents carry in green and hawksbill turtles, and the occasional eagle ray along with clear, beautiful water. There are also abundant
grouper, schools of blue tang, goatfish, Bahama bluerunners, conch, hog snapper, mutton snapper, stoplight parrotfish, snake and moray eels. There’s also beach for surface intervals with excellent snorkeling right in front.


Culebra Island, a snorkel location which have earned us recognition as one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean. This area is unspoiled and virtually undiscovered, providing experienced divers the opportunity to explore walls and reefs few have seen.
With more than 60 species of fish and a wide variety of invertebrates, water temperatures between 78º to 86º, and visibility from 50 to 100 feet on an average day!

Check in: time is 8:00 AM for snorkelers and returns to the pier about 4:30 PM

Culebra full day excursions Includes:
Water, sodas, fresh fruits, chips and salsa, and also a light lunch. Snorkeling gear and vest.

**Towels are not included**

The only Guided snorkeling trips with one of our Padi professionals. Two different spots for snorkeling in the beautiful crystal clear waters off culebra Island. Visit 2 different beautiful coral reefs full of marine life and a lot of colors.
* Note parents must stay with kids.**Must know how to swim and children must all be at least 5 years old **Kids must be with adult at all times**